Will I see visible peeling when using my Pure Glow Glove ?

Most people do see skin peeling, however peeling skin may not always be evident, but rest assured the exfoliation is still effective and it all depends on how much dead skin or tan they have on their body. Certain areas will peel more than other areas. The best results are achieved when you soak for up to 10 to 15 mins and your skin is damp and as soft as possible.

How often can I use the Pure Glow Glove?

You should use the glove once a week so that you do not strip away your skin's natural.

Can I use the Pure Glow Glove on sensitive skin?

Absolutely, as the Pure Glow glove is made of 100% pure cocoon silk it is gentle enough to use on all skin types

Can I use the Pure Glow Glove on my face?

Certainly, it aims to reduce appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores, helps fights against acne, blackheads and breakouts,  aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and  helps improve the texture and feel of skin. However, use gentle pressure and avoid active acne and wounds.

How long can I use the Pure Glow Glove

We recommend that you can use our Pure Glove Glove for 12 weeks for hygiene purposes.

Can I use soap when using my Pure Glow Glove

No do not use soap when using your Pure Glow Glove, all that it is need is damp skin and damp glove to get silky skin

How soon will I see results from using the Pure Glow Glove

  • Your skin will feel silky smooth after the first use.
  • Dead skin or fake tan peeling as you firmly glide the glove up and down your body.
  • Results for scarring and stretch marks may be evident after 6 to 8 uses (2 to 3 months)